EN Studio is a fine jewelry collection created in Upstate New York by Malu Byrne and Rick Van Streain Low. Based on the belief that jewelry should empower its wearer from within, unexpected stone selections are paired with a poetic/pastel array of metal combinations which often feature hidden stone settings. Colorful, bold, stone focused pieces born out of our respective sculptural backgrounds to create fresh, clean, timeless, luxurious, statement making adornments. A reinterpretation of what traditionally masculine and feminine jewelry might mean.


We launched our brand in the Spring of 2019 after collaborating together for many years and finding exceptionally creative and symbiotic partners within one another. Our shared love of form and exploration of material made it exciting to develop a visual vocabulary that would become the cornerstone of EN Studio. Through our separate experiences within the jewelry space, we saw a bridge that was missing between traditionally masculine and feminine jewelry that we didn’t entirely resonate with, and an opportunity to create a brand that would become an amalgamation of our interests. In creating these pieces together, originally meant for each other to bring each other joy, we discovered that the nature of being a duo creates a strong balance and a form of inclusivity. 


The word en is derived from ensō, the Japanese Zen Buddhist practice of circular ink painting where the creative process is as important as the final outcome. A moment when the mind is free to let the body create. Through the lens of EN, which means “to come together” and “within”, this collection endeavors to highlight the inherent beauty of material through the use of elemental forms with unexpected connections.


Together, within our bucolic studio, we explore a wide range of natural materials; rainbow hues of recycled gold, hand-carved semi precious stones, and often a sprinkle of diamonds - where each piece is thoughtfully and meticulously hand made from start to finish. Using recycled, DRC-Conflict Free certified, or fair mined gold.


For a more in-depth glimpse into our process, inspirations, and origins of EN jewelry, please watch our talk with Lynn Yaeger.

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